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About us

Khayray International Co, W.L.L

As an international company, we want to add value to your business and for that, bring you what we do the best: analyze the markets., trends and investment potentials 

Our knowledge of finance and international contracts are fundamental to ensure the success of all your projects.

Our wide network allows us to grow as a link between Middle East and Europe, as Milan and Paris.

We can help you finding secured and high return investments in real estate, acquisition as management of hotels and restaurants in Middle East, specially in Bahrain.

As a tax free country for companies as well as individuals, it is today one of the very few countries in the World with such open environment for investors.

Contact us for more information on such opportunities...

And also....

Khayray international Co, W.l.l. is not only giving you advices and analyses for your future achievements, it's also about developing a deep relationship based on confidence with its partner.

It is the key to move with you on a long term cooperation.


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